Five Things The Next iPhone Needs To Have

Last week Apple presented us what we’d seen for months thanks to all sorts of photos and leaks. Ultimately, what we got was a classier, more refined iPhone 5, but the tech giant managed to drop the ball on a few necessary features with the iPhone 5S. Apple did a great job at doing what it does best, and that’s adding incremental changes (we included the major ones you need to know here). However, here are the five things I think the iPhone 5S still lacks.

1. Battery Life

Okay, I know, technically Apple announced the iPhone 5S does have “improved” battery life. Apple mentioned that the 5S brought 3G talk time of 10 hours, 10 Hours LTE browsing, with up to 250 hours of standby; compared to 8 hours of 3G talk time, 8 hours LTE browsing, and up 225 hours of standby time with the iPhone 5. As you can see, judging by the comparisons of last year’s model, Apple didn’t really do squat to vastly improve battery life. And for all we know, given the stronger A7 processor, along with the M7 coprocessor and the added 64-bit power from certain apps; it could drain battery power. Not seriously addressing battery life is just flat-out unacceptable, no excuses.

2. Near Field Communication (NFC)

Another year, and still no NFC. It’s true that NFC is more of a novelty feature than something more pressing like improved battery life, however, adding it would bring more prestige to the iPhone. Apple makes a living at taking what everyone does and do it better, which over the years help birth its infamous ‘revolutionary’ phrase. NFC is something the company, to this point, has chosen to ignore for reasons unknown. Near Field Communication would be a great addition to help spearhead its meager on-the-go payment system, Passbook. The technology has been around for ages but no one has been able to take it to the heights it can and should go. Apple can solve the NFC adoption problem.

3. Bigger Screen

Although I disagree with this suggestion, it is a pressing issue for many of you out there. The fact is, for reasons I can’t explain, people really love big screens — the bigger, the better. If Apple decided to surprise us all by giving the next iPhone a modest bump in screen size, it wouldn’t bother me. I like the current size of the iPhone, but throwing a 4.2-inch display (the same screen size of the BlackBerry Z10) would be sweet.

4. More Memory, Eliminate 16GB iPhone

After the company announced it’s new powerful A7 chip, with its M7 coprocessor to help manage 64-bit apps, 16GB iPhone models will become even more obsolete. 64-bit applications will need more power and be more memory intensive. This is why Apple should cut the 16GB model, drop the 32GB to $199 on contract, and bring a 128GB in as the top-tier iPhone. This strategy would drop all prices down a $100 and give customers more memory at a lower price.

5. Solar Powered Charging

This is another feature Apple has been late to the game with. The iPhone is seen from the public as the standard barrier when it comes to cutting-edge innovation. Nokia brought in wireless charging with their flagship Lumia’s, now Apple needs to step it up and bring solar-powered charging to its next iPhone. Third-party accessory companies would be all over this in creating the coolest solar gadgetry not out on the market today. We know Apple is very interested in adding the technology to its devices because of the many patents it’s filed for solar-powered iPhones. Adding a couple of hours battery life through solar would make all the difference in the world. Much like NFC, companies would adapt to the technology if Apple tells them to with its next flagship device.

There you have it. These are five things I’d like to see with next year’s iPhone 6 (assuming it’ll be called that). Feel free to mention what you’d like to see in the comment section.

  • NEEDS to have solar powered charging? Lol.

  • Steve Librandi

    if they bump to 4.5 I’ll upgrade my 5, otherwise, if you want a bigger screen, just buy an ipad mini retina when it’s released q1 2014

  • Steve Teter

    A bigger screen is needed for sure. If they release one more iPhone with the same small screen, they’ll continue to lose market share worse than ever. People want one device for everything. Carrying around a phone and a tablet isn’t necessary.

    A few other things to consider:

    1) Add waterproofing. Cut a deal with Liquipel and make this happen.
    2) A better camera. Everybody else is sporting newer, better cameras. Make one that can capture motion. It doesn’t have to stop a hummingbird’s wings but it should be able to catch my 8 year-old son running down the football field.
    3) Improved battery life. No, I don’t want to carry around a charge-pack or set it out in the sun to charge. I just want this thing to last morning until evening. If we’re using our phones for navigation, photography, web browsing, phone calls, text messages, email, and social networking, we need a device that lasts longer.

    Apple beware. People are jumping ship because you are letting yourself get complacent. For a company that once prided itself on being “cutting edge,” you are starting to look like my Mother’s company.

  • steens

    How about an LED indicator light that isn’t the flash to your camera?

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