Dell not returning to the smartphone market

Dell not returning to the smartphone market

A day after securing control of the company he founded, Michael Dell has ruled out an attempt by the firm to develop a range of smartphones.

Speaking to CNBC, Michael Dell said that the company would instead maintain a position as a re-seller of phones made by other companies, adding that they will “participate in tablets and all sorts of client devices.”

The announcement is not a huge surprise though, as the company’s head of consumer business, Jeff Clarke said pretty much the same thing at a conference last December.

And when you think about it, we’re not sure Dell would be able to compete in today’s market. It could get expertise by acquiring a smaller company but that hasn’t worked for other players (think: HP). That said we’re not sure whether to be said about this or not. It’s not like Dell phones were ever that popular… What do you say?

  • PeterSteinbeck

    If they’re not into smartphones why bother with tablets? Perhaps they’ll go for Windows tablets exclusively?

  • Kelleigh

    This seems like a good idea because I have zero interest in a Dell phone. However, they are an excellent cell phone re-seller. I purchased my HTC One from Dell for a $100 less than the price advertised at my phone carrier and many retailers. Plus, it included a pair of $100 headphones for free. I’ll definitely consider buying my next smartphone from Dell in the future. Their offers are hard to beat.

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