George Takei Explains Tech to Non-Tech Savvy People in YouTube Series

George Takei has taken on a five-year mission (err, twelve episode mission to be exact) to explore what is a strange new world to some: technology. With so many new fangled gadgets, whosits and whatsits coming out all of the time, people not up on the latest tech trends can be left a little confused. What’s a Twitter anyways? Let Sulu guide you.

Takei’s new YouTube series, Takei’s Take aired its first episode today, which focuses on Google Glass. In the four-minute episode you will find a few Star Trek references alongside Takei’s iconic voice and sarcasm. Takei even enlists tech blogger Lamarr Wilson to help explain the features of Google’s wearable tech.

Takei’s Take will air twelve episodes, so make sure to head over to his YouTube page and click subscribe. You won’t regret it!

[Via: YouTube]

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