Humpday Funnies: Apple’s Super Budget Model – the iPhone 5F

Apple surprised a lot of folks when it unveiled the more budget oriented iPhone 5C model. Now Apple’s done it again, offering up the cheapest iPhone yet! The iPhone 5C can’t FaceTime or Airplay, but boy can it play the hell out of some Snake!

This latest iPhone spoof from funny or die had us crying, so we had to share. It’s done in the style of those Jonny Ive Apple design videos but what they’re unveiling is hardly cutting edge. The iPhone 5F features a mashup of technology from 20, 30 and even 60 years ago. Unlike Apple’s sleek new iPhones, the iPhone 5F looks like the love child of a World War II era walkie talkie and a cordless phone from the 80s.

Do yourself a favor and watch this hilarious short!

[Via: Funny or Die]

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