HTC One Max Benchmark Re-Affirms Snapdragon 600/S4 Processor, New Pictures Surface

Up until last week, the rumored HTC One Max was expected to come rocking a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC, which would make sense right? Apparently not. @evleaks was the first to suggest that the HTC One Max would actually come touting a Snapdragon 600 or S4 Pro SoC. A benchmark filing has surfaced today, re-affirming @evleaks’ claim.

The image, which shows an AnTuTu benchmark score of 26417, which is tantamount to the performance of the HTC One, and comes in with a lower score than the Galaxy S4 and LG G2. While a beefier processor is a no-brainer in what looks to be a beefed up HTC One, HTC seems to think the opposite. The One Max is expected to be sporting a 5.9-inch 1920 x 1080 pixel display, 2GB of RAM, a 5MP camera with Ultrapixel technology, a 3,300mAh battery and 16GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 600/S4 processor clocked at 1.7GHz running on Android 4.3.

Why HTC decided to go with the slower processor is unknown, it is most likely to keep costs down as the HTC One Max will be going against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 upon release. The processor difference may not change the user experience much either, but definitely puts HTC at a disadvantage when it comes to selling the HTC One max to spec junkies.

Some new photos of the device have surfaced as well, picturing the One Max next to the Galaxy Note 3.

What are your thoughts on HTC’s decision to go with the Snapdragon 600/S4 Pro processor in the One Max?

[Via: GSMArena , Weibo]

  • Nate Winter

    HTC… if you do this, it’s the final straw. I have been with you since 2002 (HTC Canary). I have had almost every  type of your phone’s. Even the rare ones (HTC Universal, HTC Advantage X7501). I  soared with you on your good times struggled with you in your bad times. You’re just not watching the market. Everyone is progressing and you are taking tiny steps forward, then three steps sideways. You need to wow your customers again. Not give them an almost perfect product, then take one dicey step with it, and jack it over ( i.e. no memory expansion,  ) . Now you’re putting midrange processors into flagship phones. Get real. I love you guys  to death and have ultimate respect for you being the real company to truly bring us the smartphone (no it wasn’t Apple that did it first). Please give us something to brag about and make the market know that you know how to make phones. You’ve  done it before. Get to work. The One was a great step in the right direction, forward… take another step forward, not sideways.

    • Zach

      The SD600 isn’t really a mid-range processor, its more than fast enough for this phone and would really allow HTC to undercut other manufactures on price. While I really was hoping for a SD800 in this one, I don’t think the performance on the phone will suffer. Also, reports are suggesting that it really wasn’t HTC’s decision to go with the 600, they’re saying that HTC couldn’t secure enough 800’s to include it in this phone.

      • Nate Winter

        Show me a current benchmark where the 600 is on the top of the list. That Antutu benchmark in this article shows it right in the middle….mid range.

        • Matt Peterson

          It’s a fast processor. It can be clocked up to 2.1 ghz on the One, which is not slow at all. Another thing to realize is that software optimization is just as important as processor speed. The reason the Note III has the biggest processor is because it has the heaviest software available. It looks like Sense 5.5 is about the same as sense 5, which runs perfectly on the HTC One. I promise this will be a VERY nice phone and will come in at a completely reasonable price. Where you see midrange, I see the only 3 phones on the market right now that can beat the specs. It is by no means midrange.

        • Chris

          It’s probably worth pointing out that not one of the phones on that list is a mid range phone… and yet the Max finds itself right in the middle…. not sure how being in the middle of the upper range makes a phone “mid-range”… subjective opinions aside however, I think Mr. Winter has a solid point.

  • solo

    HTC for years has made quality phones,far be,tter that Samsung phones,spec wise,a step or two behind ,Samsung,the issues raised are minor s700 s600 not much of a difference,a micro second or so,battery life 1 or so,specs are important,but also quality of whats housing those wonderful specs,they go together in my opinion,,HTC hands down

  • Bobby

    If this phone comes with memory expansion then I will buy it. I can live with the lower specs compared to note 3.
    I have waited for note 3 for months and then Samsung messed it up with regional lock. Note 3 is a nice phone but from a dictatorial company that doesn’t think it’s customers are important because someone will buy the phones anyway.

    HTC makes phones that always impressed me and I guess that the One Max won’t change that either.
    The One Max has the potential to beat Note 3 even with lower specs because a phone is much more than just processor and memory.

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