Apple estimated to sell upwards of 8 million iPhones this weekend

Apple is fresh off releasing the iPhone 5C a week ago, now it’s gearing up for its iPhone 5S launch tomorrow. We all pretty much know the Cupertino-based tech giant will sell millions of these phones, so when we heard well-known Apple pundit Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray, say the same thing we weren’t surprised.

Munster believes Apple will sell around 2.5 million iPhone 5S devices and about 3 million iPhone 5C devices, with pre-orders accounting for 1 million 5C’s. Bringing the total to about 5.5 million devices.

“We believe that Apple will likely sell all of the 5Ses they will produce for launch weekend,” Munster wrote in the note. “Based on Apple not taking online pre-orders for the 5S, which we believe was to avoid customers immediately seeing delivery times for 2+ weeks out, we believe the 5S is more production-constrained than the iPhone 5 was at launch, likely due to the addition of the finger print technology.”

However when you compare Gene Munster’s prediction to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI Securities, it’s actually super conservative. Ming-Chi Kuo claims Apple will sell 6 million to 8 million new iPhones this weekend, which is a number far above the 5 million it sold at launch last year.

Regardless to whatever any analysts says, it’s expected that the iPhone 5S will launch with inventory that’s “severely constrained,” according to many of the reports we’ve heard from veriest sites all week. Still, most manufacturers would kill for the kind of selling weeks Apple accumulates. The company literally sells more phones than what some companies sell in a year — that’s the Apple machine.

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