EverDock can take pretty much any mobile device

EverDock can take pretty much any mobile device

EverDock is a universal dock currently raising funds at Kickstarter. The universal part means it can “handle” just about any device out there. And it does that by NOT including a single connector; rather this fancy looking dock will sing along your existing cables while making your device look nice on the table.

Want to charge two devices at a time? No problem, there’s EverDock Duo which can do just that. Those could be a smartphone and a tablet, two tablets or two smartphones. Pretty cool.

But wait, there’s more. Each EverDock — which BTW is made out of aluminum — comes with micro-suction cups at the bottom, making sure the stand will stick to almost any surface, while at the same time letting you easily remove your devices (without the dock moving).

The folks behind this project are looking to raise $50,000 and you can secure your EverDock unit for $49; the Duo model costs $20 more. All versions have their heads blasted and anodized in your choice of silver, space gray or gold.

Here’s how it works:

Here's how EverDock works

And here’s the Kickstarter pitch video:

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Cool concept. Love it. Gonna get one. 🙂

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