PS4 Tie-in App will Function Like Xbox SmartGlass

Xbox 360 owners have been taking advantage of Microsoft’s nifty SmartGlass feature for about a year now, using Windows or Android devices as second screens and controllers for Xbox games. Now Sony’s new companion app for its upcoming Playstation 4 console aims to offer the same kind of functionality.

The PS4 app will let users of Sony’s new console access the Playstation Network on the go. It will also function as a second screen and extra controller for certain games. This is all following the trail Microsoft blazed with Xbox Smart glass, but we’re glad to see this kind of functionality coming to multiple systems.

Nintendo brought this kind of second screen gaming to the world with its early efforts connecting its GBA and DS with its consoles, and most recently with the tablet controller for its Wii U console. But Nintendo’s model relies on a lot of expensive proprietary hardware.

Microsoft changed the game with its introduction of SmartGlass, allowing gamers to use the mobile devices they already own to interact with their consoles in a new way. It’s great to see Sony offer a similar functionality and it’s likely we’ll be seeing more and more of this in the future!

[Via: CNet]

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