Friday Funnies: Ellen’s iPhone 5S Knows You a Little Too Well

The iPhone 5S and its little brother the iPhone 5C launched all over North America today. The customary lines outside the Apple stores and media hype blitz are in full effect and the words “iPhone” and “Apple” are on every newscaster’s lips. One of the new features of the iPhone 5S is the new fingerprint scanner and “Touch ID”. Now Ellen DeGeneres’ latest jab at Apple spoofs the feature in hilarious way!

This isn’t the first time Ellen’s taken a good-natured shot at  Apple. The talk show host made a public apology to Apple a few years ago when the company took offense to a spoof video she that made it seem like the iPhone was difficult to use. The bit was more of a joke on Ellen and her lack of technological prowess. Ellen said she was contacted by the company and she apologized on the air.

Apparently the statute of limitations has run its course, because Ellen’s put out another video that pokes fun at Apple’s popular smart phone. The video starts out like any of Apple’s design shorts, showing off the features of Touch ID. But it gets a little too personal as the video goes on. Check it out below!

[Via: The Ellen Show]

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