It’s Not Champagne, it’s Gold! Images of Gold HTC One Mini Surface

Apparently, people really, really love gold smartphones. HTC does as well, with some leaked photos showing a HTC One Mini emblazoned in gold.

The images were sent to GSMArena from an anonymous tipster, and include no details about the possibility of a public release of pricing. We’re pretty sure that this is a custom gold-plated edition, made by a jeweler. Chances of a gold HTC One Mini being released to the masses is highly unlikely, especially since the blinged-out HTC One that could will cost a small fortune, for sure.

So check out the pics below for a glimpse at this unbelievable HTC One Mini.

[Via: GSMArena]

  • Sammy

    “Nothing Gold Can Stay” Apple made the mistake and now HTC is too. You wont see Samsung dash a gold hue on their cheap and flimsy phones cause they know Robert Frost was right.

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