Nokia’s Android phone isn’t cancelled yet!

Nokia Android phone

Few days ago we’ve told you that while Microsoft was mulling the Surface Phone, Nokia experimented with an Android device. And guess what – that project isn’t cancelled yet, according to this article at Unwired View.

The Finnish company’s “Plan B” codenamed “Mountain View” is/was a low-end phone that rocks Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 200 chip. Nokia’s Beijing-based R&D center did all the work and has even contracted Foxconn to make 10,000 prototype units. That’s quite a batch for something that shouldn’t be released and who knows, if things don’t go according to the plan – we may see an Android-based Lumia… though I doubt that will happen.

As I’m writing this — and since the board approved the deal — I see no reason why would anyone who actually owns a piece of Nokia would want to stop Microsoft from acquiring the company. Sure enough, Nokia employees may not like it and the same goes for Finland’s general public. Alas, these guys and gals don’t get to decide on these matter. ;(

It’s interesting to ponder nonetheless and we’re eager to know – would you go for an Android-based Nokia phone?

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I wish Nokia adopted Android years ago…

  • cooldoods

    If they make a good Android product, why not?

    There is still a chance that the sale of Nokia to Microsoft won’t go through.

  • Gregory C Newman

    a lot of people put Elop down for getting windows phones made by Nokia but Elop succeeded to make Nokia number one in Windows smart phones OEMs. Elop as we can see was at last making Nokia an Android OEM company too. who knows what would have happened if Nokia like Samsung and HTC made Android and Windows smart phones. frankly speaking Samsung and HTC are glad Nokia was bought out by Microsoft because a 1020 loaded with Android OS would be a smart phone that would out sell all their top smart phones except maybe the big galaxy Note smart phones. who knows. Microsoft could make Linux based windows smart phone that could run the Open source Android apps without any trouble and beat Google at it’s own game. Microsoft was reported to be making their OWN version of a Linux operating system
    they should have kept that project going. Then again I never heard that Microsoft discontinued to make their own version of Linux.

  • dansus

    Duh! 🙂

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