Sprint expands its retail distribution presence to 100 additional Costco stores

Costco store

Say you’re a small business frequently buying at Costco. Aside from the usual groceries and office stuff, you can also buy a Sprint phone at select locations and sign-up for the Now Network service.

The retail chain already has been offering a portion of Sprint’s portfolio at 106 of its warehouses since last fall, and now another 100 stores are joining the scheme.

In Costco stores Sprint products will be sold in wireless kiosks and dedicated retail space managed by Wireless Advocates, which is a third-party provider of wireless products and services in retail locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Not only do these guys sell phones, but they also provide what is described as a “superior customer service.” We haven’t tested it ourselves and will rather have to believe Sprint these guys know what they’re doing.

Finally, when it comes to which Sprint products you’ll be able to buy at your local Costco, there will be a selection of “premium, higher-end handsets” from the likes of Samsung, HTC and Motorola, as well as the “latest from Sprint’s line of 4G LTE phones.”

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