Stephen Elop to make more than $25 million from a Microsoft-Nokia deal

Stephen Elop to make more than $25 million from a Microsoft-Nokia deal

Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia will add more than $25 million to Stephen Elop’s account. According to The New York Times, he’ll receive 18 months of his base salary ($5.5 million) along with stocks worth around $19.8 million.

That’s all nice except for the fact that many blame Elop for the demise of Nokia. If the Finnish company adopted Android instead of Windows Phone, we could be looking at a very different market today. Alas we’ll never know…

What we do know is that tenure at Nokia proved a highly profitable gig for Elop. And now that Steve Ballmer has announced retirement from Microsoft, Elop may end-up as a new CEO of the company. In the meantime, he’ll be heading expanded devices division when the acquisition is complete…

Yeah, we still have hard time believing what happened to Nokia…

[Via: TheVerge]

  • Mitchem

    can someone tell me who is this guy…he is suppose to uplift nokia and now we all see how he is improving himself on interest…why is he still ceo…everyone in nokia and all share holders have forgot the words sacked…………….

  • Noel

    As a white Knight the TROGAN rides back home with a sack full of MILLIONS. All those share holders of Nokia should back out of this deal. They should have forced Elop a long time ago to either embrace Android OR to make devices for both Windows and Android to maximize their profit. But i guess that wasn’t in the cards for him…that would have been going off the original plan.

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