Bing’s iOS app gets a new UI, improved saving and sharing options

Bing iOS app gets a new UI, improved saving and sharing options

After making its results included in Siri answers, Microsoft’s Bing is going one step forward. The search engine also revamped its iOS app, bringing new UI and additional saving and sharing options to the mix.

First things users will notice are four new tiles to the homepage that help users accomplish frequent tasks like checking trending news and images from Bing Trends, finding nearby local businesses on a map, and checking the weather.

There’s also a new menu with more options: you can browse saved images, screenshots and bookmarks, and sign-in with a Microsoft account to sync them to Skydrive or your iPad app. In addition, by clicking on the “More Microsoft apps” button, you get to find out about other MS software available for iOS devices like Office Mobile, Skydrive, OneNote and more.

Finally, you’ll see the new share button that includes an updated design, making it easy to share your favorite images via Facebook and Twitter, and save a screenshot of the full search results page, homepage image or image from Bing Image search…

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