Lower-end Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with LCD screen coming in November?

Lower-end Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with LCD screen coming in November?

We already know Samsung will launch a few slightly different Galaxy Note 3 phablets. There will be models powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 and those with Sammy’s own Exynos 5420 chip. In addition, a pair dual-SIM versions will be available in China. But that’s not all — the Korean company may also launch a “lite” model featuring an LCD screen and an 8-megapixel (rather than 13-megapixel) camera.

According to the Korean ETnews, this “entry-level” Note 3 will be out at some point in November, costing less than the flagship unit that has “all the right hardware.” The idea is not to dilute sales of the premium model and offer it only when everyone who wanted to buy the Note 3 already did so.

It’s worth adding this is Korean media we’re talking about and we’re not sure whether this model will ever make it to the West. Samsung has a special relation with its domestic market where the Galaxy S4 with Snapdragon 800 is already selling, while the rest of the world still can’t get one.

Waiting and seeing is pretty much all we can do at this stage. But we can ask you, our dear reader, whether you would be interested in a more affordable Note 3 that lacks a 13-megapixel camera and has a somewhat worse screen? Comments form is all yours…

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  • PeterSteinbeck

    Samsung keeps launching similar devices all the time. guess that works for them…

  • samsung-liars

    just like nokia then they failed…… plus samsung lie and never release a 64gb model…..

    • iPhart

      They will sweep the floor with Apple , as they did with HTC, Sony, LG, Nokia ……..

  • s-user

    But i want Note 6.3″ instead.

  • jpswain

    This is a Note 2 with the new “pleather” back.

    • iPhart

      Not at all.

      Much better display, processor, design, camera, sencors. S-Pen………

      • jpswain

        I hope your right, Samsung rides the coattails of an established branding by releasing completely different devices that don’t have any resemblance to the named device, such as the S4 Mini. I’d much rather see an upgraded phablet that might be a limited niche market, like releasing the Note 3 “Mega”….same Note 3 specs with a 6.3 inch screen.

  • jpswain

    I would like to have a 6.3 inch Note 3 option.

  • MrOodlesnNoodle

    if samsung keep doing this bs where they sell only the better stuff to their domestic market than i swear i will drop them and go back to apple and get an iphone

    • iPhart

      LOL You already have iphone iboy

      The old 8MP camera vs new 13PM camera and obsolete LCD vs last Super AMOLED , is not “better stuff”

      • MrOodlesnNoodle

        how do you expect me to reply if i can’t understand what you are saying?

  • J the Pond Lady

    I like the idea of more people getting to know how super the Note family is, but can’t see the point of a lower end model. Couldn’t folks just buy the original Note instead? And if they put too many bells and whistles on a “low end” model, those of us who waited impatiently for MONTHS for the original Note to be sold in the U.S. and thought it was the best phone EVER will be annoyed if the same thing gets sold for less. Now, those original Note buyers are eligible to upgrade and pre-ordered a Note 3, are going to be annoyed at a low end model that has the features they’ve spent big bucks to get. Just don’t see this as a good idea.

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