Microsoft in Partnership for New Chinese Console Venture

The Xbox One this is not, but reports today point to Microsoft working on a new Chinese console. The American tech giant is partnering with massive Shanghai media company BesTV to launch a new device.

The new console will offer streaming entertainment. Its hardware is based on Xbox technology. The console is rumored to be named the “Bestpad” The companies posted a note today on the Shanghai Stock exchange announcing the partnership. It will be launching with an initial investment of $237 Million.

BesTV offers entertainment services and manufactures and sells electronic products including smart TVs, . It holds Chinese TV rights for major properties like the English Premier League.

American and Japanese game companies have long hoped to gain a foothold in the Chinese market. The government recently lifted a ban on the import and sale of consoles. Microsoft and BesTV will launch the new venture in the newly established free trade zone in Shanghai.

[Via: Xinhua]

  • Brian Evans

    smart move microsoft!

  • Dal Dudas

    Too bad Sony was too busy ‘not being Microsoft’ to partner up and release a console into the worlds biggest market….very well played MS 😀 Hopefully this means new technology in the future

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