New York State Rebrands Rest Stops as “Texting Zones” To Curb Distracted Drivers

New York state is taking texting and driving very seriously by introducing dedicated “texting zones” on New York highways. Here’s the interesting part though; New York will not be constructing new areas, just rebranding current rest stops and parking areas as safe places to text, check a Facebook status or put a new pic up on Instagram.

New York will be adding 298 signs to their motorways, which will alert drivers of the new texting areas. The blue signs carry clear messages, such as “Text Stop” and “It Can Wait,” which references the PSA campaign which is backed by every big carrier in the U.S.

New York’s current texting and driving laws currently slap harsh fines on offenders, but require massive traffic checks by police that the state just can’t afford. How much this program will actually cut down on distracted driving remains to be seen, but it defiantly re-affirms the dangers of mobile phone usage while driving.

[Via: Gizmodo]

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