LG sets goal of 10 million G2 units sold worldwide

LG is no stranger when it comes to setting hugely ambitious goals for itself, as the company last year shot for a 35 million smartphones sold target. So lacking in confidence is not in the description for the Korean based electronics giant.

The company’s latest proclamation is it plans to sell 10 million G2 handsets globally before year’s end. This news was confirmed at the LG G2 launch event in Taiwan earlier today, where an executive also set a G2 sales target in Taiwan at 20 000 units monthly. In addition the company wants to grab 5 percent market share in smartphones overall, and 10% among high-end devices in Taiwan.

LG’s G2 is a serious device, like other flagship phones, it’s packed with crazy features and power under the hood. We thought highly of the smartphone when we put it through the paces in our LG G2 review here.

This goal of 10 million sold is not so far-fetched. A year ago most industry professionals probably would have laughed at a lofty goal like this, but truthfully, LG has improved its place in the market as of late. With the G2 and the Nexus 5 coming up (which the company is rumored to be making), LG is setting itself up for a strong end to the year.

That being said, the company has a long ways to go if it wants to even come close to its country neighbor Samsung. However offering customers legit options like the G2 is going to sway more and more people over to its side.

China Times, CNYES; via Unwired View


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