Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Includes Flexible Screen, Fingerprint Sensor

Fall is officially here, and with it comes a whole new set of rumors and speculations to report on. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the next device to get some love, with an awesome series of concept pictures showing up online. The pictures, which come from GalaxyS5Info show a sleek and shiny device, true to Samsung’s design. Although there’s no telling what Samsung has in store for us with the follow-up to the Galaxy S4, the pictures to detail some technologies that would make sense to be making their way into Samsung’s next flagship smartphone.

The concept assumes that the Galaxy S5 will rock a 5.3″ screen, with curved sides made possible by a flexible OLED YOUM display. Thanks to the screen’s wraparound nature, the concept GS5 doesn’t need any physical buttons on the sides. Instead, the screen’s software buttons will run the show. The concept also shows an aluminum unibody construction with a waterproof and shockproof body. The power button on the top of the device which is armed with an LED for notifications.

As for the specs, the concept points to a 2GHz Exynos 5 OctaCore processor, 3GB of RAM, a 3,200mAh battery, a fingerprint sensor, a  16MP rear-facing camera with a Carl Zeiss sensor and a dual Xenon LED flash, and will be running on Android 5.0, KitKat.

We’ll see what really become of the Samsung Galaxy S5 as rumors leak, and of course when Samsung unveils the device. The Galaxy S5 will more than likely be released between February and May of 2014. Until then, check out the pictures below!

[Via: GalaxyS5Info]

  • Lovie

    This is literally the most beautiful phone I have ever seen.

  • kung fu fighter

    Isn’t this phone already out? HTC One, right? Oh…
    my bad. Yeah…Samsung will copy it too next year and dazzle and amaze their drones.

  • Bahrudeen

    Excellent look waiting for it

  • justmytwomites

    Sorry but, though this design is quite slick, its rounded edges are counter-productive and impractical.
    I’ve got a GS3 and have hated the practicality aspect of its form factor from day one. It’s so thin and rounded on the sides that I’ve got to handle it like a newborn baby every time I pick it up just to keep from launching an app by mistake from a finger touching the screen (I don’t use a phone case).
    I seriously hope Samsung doesn’t go in this direction (wrapping the screen around the side edges. A phone needs to leave its edges for handling. If they execute an approach such as this one you’ll only be able to pick it up with a top/bottom grip. Totally impractical. Heck, even HOLDING it in your palm would make this design totally impractical, as you are bound to be constantly and inadvertently launching apps, changing volume, etc. Sure, it’ll be slick (if you’ve got it resting flat on your wide-open palm. but try actually HOLDING that phone and you’re gonna be in for a world of frustration)

    Don’t be fooled by handsome aesthetics people. The device needs to be usable first and foremost. Good design is when form follows function. And this design has clearly put form ahead of function.

  • Mitchem

    lovely phone….everythings rock…happy that sammy have move away from plastic…only one stuff spoil in it is the poor camera for such a impressive phone…but how this leak as sammy has always been very keen on keeping their new coming stuff top secret?????? i will take this news with two fingers… so patience is gold

  • DoobyScoo

    Please don’t add a useless fingerprint sensor!

  • orangejedi829

    Hey look! An HTC One!

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