Samsung’s 64-bit chip to be used in next year’s Galaxy S5?

Samsung's 64-bit chip to be used in next year's Galaxy S5?

We’ve already told you that Samsung will make its own 64-bit chips. And guess which phone will be the first to rock one of this processors? Yup, that would be the next device in the Galaxy S series, Galaxy S5, which will be launched at some point next year (most likely in May).

According to Korean media, the electronics giant is into final stages of the chip development and may start testing it soon (or so we hope).

Meanwhile, Intel is also on board to bring 64-bit computing to mobile devices and will launch such chips at some point in the first quarter of 2014.

The problem, however, isn’t necesserily on the hardware side. Today’s top-end processors like Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and NVIDIA Tegra 4 are already pretty fast though we yet have to see an app taking advantage of all that horse-power. Perhaps we’ll have to wait for a convergent device like Ubuntu Edge to see these chips in real action. We’ll see…

[Via: GforGames]

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    Bring it on… this year. 🙂

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