Samsung’s ISOCELL camera technology promises improved low-light photos

Samsung's ISOCELL camera technology promises improved low-light photos

Samsung is looking to improve its smartphone camera technology. In order to make better low-light photos, the Korean company unveiled ISOCELL, the technology that increases light sensitivity and controls the absorption of electrons, resulting in better low-light pictures.

Samsung says that “quality of an image sensor is determined by the amount of light that is accurately captured by the individual pixels within the sensor array” and in that sense, ISOCELL is much better than the prevelant BSI technology, decreasing the crosstalk by approximately 30%. This in turn makes better photos with improved sharpness and richness, and increase of full well capacity (FWC) by 30%.

The first ISOCELL camera sensor module will be marked as S5K4H5YB, featuring 1.12um ISOCELL pixel, 1/4-inch optical format and an 8-megapixel resolution support. The sensor will be mass produced in the fourth quarter of this year, with first smartphones using this technology likely hitting the market in early 2014. As far as we’ve understood, this thing is slated for Sammy’s premium products…

[Via: SammyHub]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Galaxy S4 already has a great camera. If it can get better, that would be awesome.

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