Amazon Fire OS 3.0 for Kindle Fire tablets brings new UI, multitasking tweaks and live tech support

Amazon Fire OS 3.0

In addition to new tablets, Amazon has also unveiled an updated Fire OS platform with few extra tweaks that helps it differentiate from an army of other Android tablets.

Based on Android 4.2.2 (as far as we’ve understood), Fire OS 3.0 aka Mojito got a revamped UI that feels much cleaner and more modern. Improved multi-tasking is also on board, allowing for fast app switching that Amazon calls Quick Switch. The cool thing is that every book and album is treated as a separate app, making sure you can even switch between different content within the same app. This, I assume, will be of great use to tablet media junkies.

Perhaps more interesting is the so called Mayday Button, pressing on which will get you a live operator that can help you accomplish a number of tasks remotely. Yup, this means that Amazon will actually be able to control your tablet during the length of the support call. While this may sound creepy, the end result is much better (and free) customer support.

X-Ray feature has also been improved, providing users with contextual information about their media. It is now fully integrated with Amazon Video and Music, and will soon sing along the Second Screen capability that will let you beam media files from your Kindle Fire to a TV.

Like previous Fire OS releases, you don’t get to access Google’s popular services by default. Amazon made sure you get great equivalents, instead.

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