Pebble watch to be sold in AT&T stores, begins September 27

Pebble smartphone can display all iPhone notifications with a hack

One of the most remarkable stories of the year so far is the rise of Pebble, a smartwatch that extends control of your iOS or Android smartphone. The company started off as a KickStarter project to then propel into one of the most successful campaigns ever. Now Pebble is taking the next step in its continued expansion into major retail stores, as it announced in a press release its latest partnership with AT&T.

“As the exclusive carrier for the hot new Pebble smartwatch, this innovative device adds to AT&T’s extensive lineup of industry leading accessories for today’s connected world,” said Michael Cowan, Director Product Marketing, Accessory Portfolio, AT&T Mobility. “This smartwatch is fun, practical, and easy to use. It is simple to see why people have been clamoring to get their hands on it.”

The Death Star plans to sell the Pebble smartwatch at its normal retail price of $150. This deal comes after Pebble joined forces with Best Buy earlier this summer to offer its watches in the big box retailers’ stores at the same price.

AT&T is trying to step its game up when it comes to offering a host of different accessory options for customers. It would be cool if AT&T used the Pebble more creatively, such as making it a bundle option for folks looking to upgrade or subscribe as a new customer with a new phone.

The Pebble is a good enough product to sell itself, but the company could definitely use the smartwatch to propel its other phones or accessories that may not be selling as well.



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