Win a Pre-release PS4 from Taco Bell!

Today Sony announced your chance to get your greasy little paws on a PS4 days before the new console is released. All you have to do is eat delicious, delicious Taco Bell and you can enter to win Sony’s new console! If you buy one of Taco Bell’s new $5 boxes you can enter the code on the box for a chance to win a PS4 bundle that includes The Knack and a year of Playstation Plus. Eat that, Chipotle.

The $5 box is a heck of a bundle in its own right, including a Crunchwrap, Crunchy Taco, Burrito Supreme and medium fountain drink. Add some fire sauce and a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and you unlock the bonus: Uncontrollable Diarrhea!

So get ready to Live Mas, Run for the Border, and Think Outside the (x)Box!  I for one will be adding a 3rd trip to Taco Bell to my weekly routine in the hopes of landing a PS4.

Check out the announcement from Sony and Taco Bell below!

I have exciting news for PlayStation fans! I know you all have been eagerly waiting to get your hands on PlayStation 4, the best place to play. I’m happy to announce that PlayStation and Taco Bell are joining forces to give away PS4s before they hit stores on November 15th. One winner will be selected every 15 minutes starting September 26th through November 10th!

Taco Bell® and PlayStation® are partnering up to give away a PlayStation®4 system every 15 minutes between September 26, 2013 and November 10, 2013! Winners will be able to “Play The Future First” by winning a PS4™ system before it’s released. To top it all off, winners will also receive a copy Knack™ and a 1-year subscription to PlayStation®Plus – the ultimate membership service, providing a diverse range of immersive online multiplayer experiences for their shiny new system.

You have six weeks to head over to your local Taco Bell for your chance to “Play the Future First.” Taco Bell will mark their $5 Buck Boxes– which include a Crunchwrap, Crunchy Taco, Burrito Supreme and medium fountain drink – with a special code that you can text in for a chance to win a PS4 prize pack.

The prize pack, which includes one PS4, a copy of the PS4 exclusive launch game, Knack, and a one year PS Plus membership, will be shipped on or around November 12th.

For additional details, information, and rules head to
This Thursday will kick off the start for your chance to “Play the Future First,” so mark your calendars and map your closest Taco Bell. Good luck and remember, Greatness Awaits!

[Via: Playstation Blog]

  • Master Troll

    Uncontrollable diarrhea

  • johnson

    Yet another scam by Taco Bell. in 2012 the Vita was released and Taco Bell hosted the same contest, people got the “Win” code, but Taco Bell never gave a single person their free Vita. RESEARCH PEOPLE! THIS IS POSSIBLY ANOTHER SCAM!

    • Shari Lawson

      well your might be right because they talk about putting a code in but where and how that the question.

    • Cloud

      I think it might be. They’re trying to get me to enter into some other bullshit instead of entering to win the ps4. And not just once but three times.

    • Nate

      well I won! I am positive this is legit I got confirmation texts and emails, I will update if I actually get it and get it Nov 12, I’m so pumped I pray to God they actually give it to me.

      • Nate

        if I do get it, it was totally worth the hour long diarrhea fest I had today

  • Cloud

    So I’m a big gamer and I’m short on cash, so when I heard the offer I jumped up and decided to eat at tacobell once a day to at least try. I’ve only gone three times since the offer came out but everytime I order that box, it tells me on it that I can scan to win “A Trip To See An MTV Artist To Watch Event”..but the menu both inside and out clearly says I’d be entering to win a PS4..?

    It’s pissing me off.
    Was that like..the last promotional offer or something?
    Either way I’m probably going to complain if I get the same thing next time I go.

  • jeff

    how many digits are in the code?

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