Gazelle Reports 210% Increase In Samsung Device Trade-Ins For iPhone 5S/5C

It looks as though Apple has courted some Android users to iOS last week, upon the announcement of the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Gazelle, a consumer electronics recycler reported a slew of Android handsets that were traded in during the iPhone launch weekend, with a 210 percent increase in Samsung handset trade-ins over the last weekend.

On September 20th, Apple’s new iPhone launch day, Gazelle was making five offers per second between 10 and 11 AM ET, which translates to 18,000 people every hour trading in their phones for cash against a new iPhone.

According to a Gazelle rep that spoke to Phandroid, the breakdown of traded-in Samsung devices for the month of September looks like this:

  • Samsung Galaxy S: 3% increase
  • Samsung Galaxy S2: 16% increase
  • Samsung Galaxy S3: 44% increase
  • Samsung Galaxy S4: 16% increase
  • Samsung Galaxy Note: 3% increase
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2: 9% increase
  • Other Samsung device: 10% increase

As for reasons for switching, Gazelle surveyed 3,000 customers and found that 36% were upgrading to an iPhone 5S because of upgrade eligibility, 16% due to the Touch ID sensor. As for the iPhone 5C, 29% were upgrading due to the colorful designs and better camera.

Did you switch or are you considering switching from an Android device to one of the new iPhone models? If so, why? We’d love to know your thoughts.

[Via: TUAW , Phandroid]

  • Robert Sherman

    Your numbers are a little strange. You headline a 210% increase but give no supporting numbers (and no the breakdown of percentages of which Samsung device has been traded in say almost nothing of import–I mean who cares it they are getting a Captivate or Epic on trade in?) So out of the 210% increase the break out to those percentages of the 210% increase?–yeah, clear as mud. Can you support your 210% increase with any (ahem) solid numbers? IDK–maybe something like on September Xth they received 123k Samsung devices, and this week they took in 258.3k units representing a 210% increase–that would feel a little more like, you know, reporting. Its also deceptive to site 5 trade in transactions a second–then start a breakdown of Samsung device trade in–when most likely not all of those 5-per-second transactions are Samsung devices–no doubt there were LGs, HTCs and such in the mix. I realize a majority may be Samsung–but that’s simply because they are the biggest smartphone manufacturer by volume. I read similar “statistics” about people dumping iPhones when the SGS4 came out, I felt then as now that this is not an indicator of much other than normal consumerism–and I guess some people find that interesting, but it would really, really help if you could present complete ideas and not expect the reader to “know what you mean” As for the Apple v Android thing–dang I am over it, aren’t you? They’re both cool, can we move on?

  • DtownMytown

    Have no intention of switching to a closed proprietary ecosystem like iOS. If I did I would switch to Windows Mobile, which has already had colorful phones like the 5c made by Nokia. Looks like Apple is trying to be like Microsoft with the release of colorful plastic phones.

    • BaltimoreDave

      yeah, because Apple has never made any devices that were colored before

      • DtownMytown

        I said colorful. White and black or not colorful. Blue, yellow, green are colorful. Improve your reading comprehension

  • JohnHarrison

    this shows people wants to upgrade their personality… samsung products make you look cheap and korean.

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