Google Voice For Android Updated, Brings SMS Short Code Support

While today’s Google Voice update isn’t anything too crazy, it does bring a very useful feature to the Android app. Google Voice now supports SMS short codes and 911 calling, which is useful for those who use text codes for online banking and other services.

Previous to this update, if a user sent an SMS short code from Google Voice, it would send it from the user’s Google Voice number, not the carrier number. This would send the short code, but would fail verification due to the unmatching¬†carrier numbers.

The update also allows users to text 911, and offers a confirmation warning before sending the text.

Download the Google Voice update from the Play Store link below.

[Via: Play Store]

  • Willie D

    One of the perks for using Google Voice, at least for me, is to have the OPTION of integrating my cell number or not. 99% of the time I am happy as a clown having my Google Voice number as my primary and keeping my actual cell numbers private. I like them separate for a reason.

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