Sony Promises All Existing PS4 Pre-Orders Will Arrive By Christmas

If you’ve already put your Sony PS4 pre-order in, then the company is guaranteeing that you’ll receive your shiny black box by Christmas.

During an interview with ComputerAndVideoGaming, VP and MD UK Fergal Gara confirmed that pre-orders that have already been placed will reach the customers before Christmas. ” –as long as nothing goes terribly wrong.” While the statement is focused on UK pre-orders, we do hope to see the same guarantee reaffirmed for US pre-orders as well.

Gara goes on to say that supplies may be tight during Christmas time, but that there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to pick a PS4 up at a local store in the beginning of 2014.

Sony has garnered a massive amount of attention with its PS4, especially compared to Microsoft’s Xbox One. The PS4 comes in $100 cheaper than the Xbox One and with fewer restrictions. Sony had a good time pointing some of these restrictions out in a short video, and after a large amount of backlash, Microsoft backpedaled.

It definitely looks as though Sony has learned it’s lesson from its PS3 launch, but Microsoft didn’t. While both consoles are indeed powerful, the PS4 may have the upper hand when it launches.

If you haven’t gotten around to pre-ordering the Sony PS4, remember that you can always try to nab one from Taco Bell! No, we’re not kidding.

[Via: ComputerAndVideoGames]


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