Friday Funnies: Conan’s Got a Guy Who Can Get You A Gold iPhone 5S

Apparently Apple underestimated the power of bling. Its gold iPhone 5S is already out of stock. Space Gray and Silver are still available. The demand for the gold iPhone 5S has exploded, with the blinged out smart phone going for as much as $10 Grand on eBay! Until Apple can get the second round of gold iPhones out, folks will just have to wait. Or maybe Conan O’Brien‘s buddy Raffi can help!

In this hilarious video spoof, Raffi – a caricature of a sleazy huckster has the hook up. He can get you a gold iPhone right now. He’s an honest business man, unlike those guys who’ll charge you triple. Raffi will only charge you double! Be sure to check it out below!

Apple’s got its sweatshops working over time, churning out those golden bars of shiny happiness as fast as possible. But it looks like consumers will have to wait at least a couple of weeks to be seen with their hands wrapped around the champagne gold casing of… the exact same phone as the other colors.

Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying, friends. Be sure to check out Raffi’s website: ww.GiveMeGoldiPhoneNow/okIGotYou/ThanksRaffiYouTheMan_YouGotItMan\GoldIsBest.Yes# and check out the video below!

[Via: Team Coco]

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