• Ali

    I’m in China now, and I want to get a fully english phone! if I get this, is there a way to delete any Chinese language thing in the phone?

    If I get any other Samsung smartphone in China, is there any way to have it work fully in English like I bought the phone in teh US or other English speaking countires? Can I connect the phone to the computer and reinstall the system or so?

    Thanks a lot

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      You’ll need the ROM that they release for UK, US, Australia etc. The location based functionality might be limited, but you’ll get a fully English UI alright.

      As for this particular phone, it’ll most probably not be released in the developed markets, so you’ll have to wait for it to be released in the English speaking developing markets like India and South Africa before you get a fully English version as you desire.

      That’s to the best of my understanding anyways. :-)

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