AT&T Claims Amber Update Coming To Lumia 920 “In The Coming Weeks”

While the GDR2 Windows Phone update has rolled out earlier this year, some Lumia 920 customers are still wondering where their update is. AT&T had promised both the GDR2 and Amber updates for the Lumia 920 and 820 handsets before the end of September, so where are they?

An AT&T representative on the AT&T forums has shed some light on the arrival date of the updates, claiming that they will be arriving in a couple of weeks.

So if you’re a Lumia 920 owner on AT&T, look for the GDR2 and Amber updates to be hitting your devices in the next few weeks.

[Via: WP Central]

  • Soon to be Verizon customer

    God I hate AT&T we used to be the first to get the updates lol

  • James_D

    I look forward to phone updates since Apple and Android have the market and leave Windows Phone in the dust on apps. It’s a bummer to tell customers the update will come at the end of September, then say it’ll be a couple more weeks. In a couple weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised if they say it’ll be “a couple more weeks” yet again.


    I look forward to the update greatly but this wait is ridiculous. AT&T should be ahead of all competitors when releasing updates. It always says Coming Weeks. That could be 20 weeks from now. It doesn’t say couple weeks. This is just horrible on AT&T’s part. Love the Lumia 920 too!

  • sddd

    Translation- “We’re stripping the most useful features out of the update, adding our own bloatware, and delaying it to provide lukewarm encouragement to our newer more expensive windows phones”.

  • Paul Lind

    ATT did not drop the ball they walked over and gave it to the other team , att you suck what happend to you and your service we were promised ” 920 ” people to get it first and then what ….. you suck!!!!!

  • jjj

    ATT is killing windowsphone with stuff like this. microsoft and nokia should sue them.

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