Evernote Business 2.0 launching on October 3rd

Evernote Business 2.0 launching on October 3rd

Evernote announced a new version of its business service, Evernote Business. Version 2.0 comes with a number of improvements that allow team members to “work smarter together in Evernote,” making it easier for employees to tap into the knowledge inside the company and be more productive.

First thing users will see is Business Home, which is described as a central place for knowledge within a company, and is the window into people and notebooks. From here, you can search for content across the Business Notebooks you have access to, and browse every note inside each notebook.

With Expertise Discovery, Evernote Business will return search results with suggestions as to who at your company may know more about the topic you’re interested in.

Evernote Business also streamlines the process of creating content for your business. When you create a new notebook, the service will automatically create a Business Notebook by default, though there’s also the option to convert personal into a Business Notebook.

In addition, System Administrators have the ability to connect Evernote Business with their current directory management system, letting them invite or remove accounts right from within your existing Administrative console.

The new Evernote Business will launch on October 3rd, and we can’t recommend it enough to businesses all around the world. It’s that powerful, yet easy to use.

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