Ingress – Operation #13Magnus Global Event Beginning This October

Operation Cassandra became Ingress’ largest global event, which ended last month, but you’d be wrong if you thought the Niantic Team was done. Hot on the heels of Cassandra is another upcoming event, called Operation #13Magnus. Little is known about the upcoming event, but it looks like 13Magnus will be even larger than Operation Cassandra.

Codes were discovered inside last week’s Ingress Report, and once cracked, revealed the specific dates and locations of the upcoming event #13Magnus.

The global, two-month long event will take place in the following locations starting in mid-October:

October 12

Los Angeles, California, USA

San Jose, California, USA

Bangkok, Thailand


October 26

Seattle, Washington, USA

Kiev, Ukraine


November 2

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Madrid, Spain

Mumbai, India


November 16

Dallas, Texas, USA

Vienna, Austria


December 7

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Rome, Italy


December 14

San Francisco, California, USA

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Like Cassandra, 13Magnus encourages Ingress agents to come together and hold a portal or create a control field over a specified area for a certain amount of time. Key figures in the Ingress storyline are sure to appear during the events. Sometimes these key figures can align with the winning faction of the individual events. The Enlightened walked away as the winner of Operation Cassandra, meaning the Resistance have their work cut out for them if they want to keep the Enlightened at bay during 13Magnus.

As you can see above, the final event of 13Magnus will take place in San Francisco, CA and Buenos Aires, Argentina. These locations will likely reveal what faction successfully took control of the overall event. With the first event of 13Magnus taking place at the end of next week, we’re sure that we’ll be getting more details for this event shortly.

For more information on the upcoming 13Magnus event, be sure to keep your eyes on the Ingress Google+ page below!

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