Samsung working on super-premium Galaxy F series

Samsung working on super-premium Galaxy F series

You would think that Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series already bring enough cash to Samsung. Yeah they do account for a large chunk of the company’s profits, but they don’t want to stop there.

Instead of using aluminum in its Galaxy S series, Samsung may opt to launch a whole new series of devices made out of metal. Phones from the rumored, super-premium “F-Series” will cost a small fortune, boasting metal bodies and top-end specs comparable to those found in Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices.

It is said that the first Galaxy F product will be released in early 2014, growing the number of Sammy’s flagship devices from two to three per year.

Currently Samsung launches one flagship in the first half of the year (Galaxy S) and the other one in the second half (Galaxy Note). With the new F-Series, things will change to accommodate a new model, and we’re sure some other handset makers will follow Samsung’s lead.

The fact that Samsung will adopt aluminum is great news. We’re just not sure we’ll want to pay super-premium for such device. What do you think?

[Via: UnwiredView, ETnews]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Samsung is covering every friggin’ price point… and not stopping anywhere.

  • dave


  • SubX

    Samsung will never use a metal uni body. They don’t have the skill to create it. In fact, no one except HTC has even been able to produce multiple uni body phones. Yes phones as with the ANO they will have 3.

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