Samsung’s ChatON app hits 100 million users, no word on how many active

Today Samsung took the time to boast its latest ChatON numbers, as the chat client service has eclipsed the 100 million users mark. This milestone was achieved after Sammy gained 50 million users from the month of May. According to the company’s press release, much of the growth came from entering emerging markets such as India and China.

ChatON was designed in-line with Samsung’s drive to deliver products that meet specific local needs in different markets. In India for example, ChatON has seen exponential growth as the service supports 10 regional dialects, with plans to support 13 dialects by the end of 2013. Additional features such as the Ramadan Anicon have helped boost its popularity in the Middle East.

ChatON is the company’s chatting app that comes preinstalled on all its devices, so touting 100 million users isn’t being totally genuine. Plus we don’t know how many of those users are active, which makes the number even more flawed.

Anyway, the ChatON app is available on other Android devices, iOS, Windows Phone, and PCs, as well as in 63 different languages. Samsung didn’t disclose how many subscribers are on each platform.

We’re curious to know if any of you out there like using Samsung’s ChatON messaging application?

Via 9to5Google


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