LG Gate makes LG smartphones and tablets more secure

LG Gate

Samsung has Knox and now LG is joining in with LG Gate, allowing enterprises and governments to securely conduct business while on the go.

The solution includes secure containers that keep personal and business data separate, while also involving on-device encryption. This in turn enables VPN setup and makes it that much easier for IT admins to manage devices from a remote location. So if a compatible phone or tablet is lost or stolen, IT admin could locate it and even delete the data without ever coming close to the device.

The Korean company failed to mention when LG Gate will be available in the West, but it’s likely this service will debut with the newly-announced G2 smartphone.

The next thing for LG is to seek and eventually get U.S. Department of Defense’s seal of approval. We’ll see how that goes…

[Via: BYOD Weekly]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    LG’s shooting for the stars. 🙂

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