Samsung looking to address EU’s antitrust concerns

Samsung looking to address EU's antitrust concerns

The world’s largest phone maker title comes with a caveat. Before you know, a number of regulatory bodies from all around the world are breathing to your neck, asking for various commitments to protect consumers.

Samsung has this rather sweet problem in Europe and has submitted a set of commitments seeking to address concerns of the European Commission. Otherwise, it could face hefty penalties.

These commitments came after the Commission sent a “Statement of Objections” saying some of Sammy’s practices were anti-competitive. The Commission also said it will “formally market test these proposed commitments with other market participants in the coming weeks.”

If the Korean company doesn’t address the issues, it could face a fine of up to $18.3 billion or about 10% of its 2012 annual revenue. Samsung obviously wants to avoid this and is apparently looking to settle the process.

[Via: ZDnet]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Well these problems come when you’re that big.

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