BlackBerry 10 gets NATO approval for restricted communications

BlackBerry 10 gets NATO approval for restricted communications

After clearing U.S. Department of Defense high standards for secure communication, BlackBerry did it again, this time with NATO which approved BlackBerry smartphones for classified communications up to the level of “Restricted.”

This in turn will allow agencies in NATO countries in all 28 member states to use smartphones made by the Canadian company in the office and/or in the field.

“We built the new BlackBerry 10 platform from the ground up with the highest security needs of our government and enterprise customers in mind,” said Scott Totzke, Senior VP of Security at BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES 10) is touted to integrate end-to-end security, relying on AES 256-bit encryption for both the data at rest and data in transit. The company said that since launching earlier this year, more than 25,000 BES 10 commercial and test servers have been installed all around the world.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    What about other platforms? iOS isn’t secure enough?

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