Can’t Find Your iPhone 5S in Stock? Try This Tool!

Having trouble finding your desired iPhone 5S variant in stock at Apple stores? You are not alone. Par for the course when it comes to new iPhone releases, the iPhone 5S has been hard to come by, especially the gold one. With 5S sales outshining the iPhone 5C, Apple has been having trouble keeping units in stock. A developer named Mordy Tikotzky has created a tool that will make your lives easier by scraping Apple Store inventory and displaying up to date results about where you can pick up your iPhone 5S.

The tool, iPhone-Check asks you to input your zipcode, pick your carrier and desired color and returns results in the form of an easy to read chart. defiantly easier than checking every Apple store in your area.

So check it out here, and good luck grabbing that iPhone 5S! Hopefully soon you’ll be singing, “I Love champagne!”

[Via: Gizmodo]

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