Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active, LG Z with curved screens launching later this month?


Both LG and Samsung are preparing to launch first smartphones with curved displays, and both of them will do it later this month.

Samsung, the world’s largest phone maker, may unveil its Galaxy Note 3 Active as early as next week, with LG following suit with its new Z series device.

As far as I’ve understood from ZDNet and UnwiredView reports, these devices won’t have screens you can bend; rather the screen will be slightly curved, potentially enabling a new kind of user experience. Moreover, it is said that both devices will be available in limited quantities since neither LG nor Samsung is able to produce enough of these panels. So in a way, we’re talking about some sort of prototypes here that will likely be sold unlocked to *real* geeks who can afford them.

That said, we would expect that other vendors join the curved screen craze next year, when we’ll hopefully have more devices to choose from. By that time, both LG and Samsung should be able to mass-produce curved panels, pushing the prices down along the way.

Can’t way to see how these phones look like. In the meantime, I’ll have to “settle” with the render you can see above…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    That curved display makes this thing look sexy. 🙂

  • shatner

    Nice but useless. It would not fit in a pocket.

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