Screenshots from China Mobile’s iPhone 5s caught in the wild

Screenshots from China Mobile's iPhone 5s caught in the wild

It’s almost official – Apple and China Mobile have found a mutual ground and soon enough, the iPhone will be available from the world’s largest mobile operator!

As far as we’ve understood, China Mobile will launch one of the two new iPhones (or both) in late October or early November.

The posters and other marketing materials are ready and now the ball is in the Chinese government’s turf, which [government] needs to give China Mobile the official license for its 4G network.

China Mobile’s iPhone 5s has already been tested by few lucky individuals and we have a screenshot to show you.

We’ve no doubts the Cupertino-based company has hit another gold mine with the China Mobile deal, and yes – we expect them to announce another record-breaking quarter after the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s start selling in the world’s most populous country.

[Via: Unwired View]

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