Verizon Nokia Lumia 929 Photo Leaked

@evleaks posted a press render on Twitter this morning, showing the Nokia Lumia 929 in a nice white color, heading for Verizon. The device is expected to be announced at a press event on October 22nd, alongside a Windows RT tablet, the Lumia 2520.

The Lumia 929 is rumored to be coming in two colors, black and white, and will be running Windows Phone 8 GDR3 on a four or five-inch screen with a 1080p resolution. The device could also come touting a 20MP PureView camera, with other details as of yet unknown.

Are you into the Nokia Lumia 929? Let us know in the comments.


[Via: @evleaks]

  • Pieter De Greef

    Can’t wait! Something to replace my aging 900

  • vaderizkool

    ive been looking for a replacement for my GS3! hope its not too large though. looking to stay under 5.

  • Gregory C Newman

    What bugs me about Verizon is when nokia smart phones are sold in more colors than
    black and white Verizon wont allow customers to get the other colored smart phones. such as cyan, red, yellow, ect. do they have to pay an extra money for them. as a Verizon customer I would pay the extra cost if it is not too high. some people want
    a colorful smart phones and should get what they want after all they are usually on a 2 year contract to pay for their smart phone and pay for the what they want. the
    Motorola new smart phones that a person can order customized is not s bad idea. t gives a customer a smart phone reflecting their own tastes and that is good. Hmm I wonder if the Verizon customers who by this smart phone are allowed to get it customized.

  • King112585

    I actually really miss the look of the camera embellishments seen on the 920 & 928. Also why drop the xenon flash? The backside just seems rather plain & pedestrian without them.

  • kit7kat

    This phone is going to be my phone. I miss window platform and nokia’s built quality. Never liked Samsung even with so much hype because of the built quality. Apple is good but too many cool games to kill my time. Windows best platform for productivity.

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