Amazon Readying A Set-Top Box For A Holiday Launch?

Amazon has already proven that it can make a decent tablet lineup, and the rumors of Kindle Phones certainly haven’t waned. So when we hear that Amazon may be getting ready to launch its own set-top box in attempt to carve its way into your living room, we can’t say that it’s much of a surprise.

Earlier today, CNBC sent out the following tweet:


The online retail giant will need to undercut Apple TV‘s $100 price point if it’s aiming to be a viable option, which we would imagine it will. That said, even if the price is right, Amazon’s set-top box will also need a nice assortment of applications and decent enough hardware for someone to opt for it over something like a mid-range Roku. While it’s all speculation until confirmed, we could imagine Amazon offering a similar UI to that of its Kindle Fire tablets, running on top of Android.

Would you consider an Amazon set-top box? What features would it need for you to buy one over an Apple TV or Roku?

[Via: TechnoBuffalo]

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