Amazon working on two different smartphones, one rocking a 3D UI

Amazon working on two different smartphones, one rocking a 3D UI

The “Amazon is making its smartphone” rumor refuses to die out, hinting us something indeed is happening at the online retail giant. The latest story we’ve got suggests that the company is working on two different devices, one of which will have some kind of a 3D user interface. This phone, code-named “Smith,” reportedly has four front-facing cameras which are used to track user’s hand and respond accordingly. It is said that this technology will allow users to get a different angle on icons and other stuff on the screen based on their point of view.

In a similar fashion, folks sitting next to you may not be able to see a thing on your screen with this technology kicking in to keep your content from prying eyes. Moreover, with so many cameras sitting on the front, the Smith will be able to recognize its users as well as surrounding objects, and eventually provide some level of interactions with the “offline world.”

The second phone is more basic and Amazon could offer it for free. It will likely come with some flavor of Fire OS, providing quick access to various Amazon services and Amazon online store.

According to this Hacker News posting, Amazon is having tough time finding enough engineers to turn these smartphones into real products. The company has been shifting its staff around to keep the projects moving forward.

So when we’ll see the first Amazon smartphone? The answer to that question is – we don’t know. However, we are sure the retail giant wants to launch its smartphone(s) ASAP to benefit from the forthcoming Christmas shopping craze. And in that sense, we hope to get the press release announcing the first Amazon handset soon. Stay tuned…

[Via: TheVerge, TechCrunch]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Gestures are getting hot so why wouldn’t Amazon follow this trend.

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