Final Fantasy VII is 50% Off on Steam This Weekend!

Steam‘s got a great deal on one of the most loved games of all time! Final Fantasy VII took the series, and the JRPG genre to a new cinematic level. Its gameplay, music, art style, and epic story still hold up. This weekend, the PC version is discounted half off

Final Fantasy VII is a fan favorite and considered by many to be the pinnacle of the long-lived series. It combined the tried and true questing and (mostly) turn based combat of the 16 and 8 bit FF titles with mind-blowing (for the time) 3D visuals. Its cyberpunk influenced anime style and top-notch story and characterization quickly gained devotees. Final Fantasy VII showcased the future of cinematic storytelling on the fairly new disc based medium, and probably did more than any other game to popularize JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games) in the United States.

FFVII came out for the Playstation way back in 1997 and eventually was ported to Windows 95/98. For its time, it was nothing short of revolutionary and it was a huge hit. Arguably, it played a role in the Playstation’s dominance over the N64, showing the kind of huge worlds and FMV cut scenes that disc media could provide. While it certainly shows its age, the style, gameplay, music, and incredible story still hold up 15 years later.

This Steam version is optimized for modern Windows machines, so you won’t need to drag out your old Playstation and turn it on its side, or spend an hour trying to get an image of the old PC release to work in compatibility mode.

All that is well worth the game’s normal $11.99 price and it’s a scream at only $5.99! Whether you’ve never experienced FFVII, or you just want to take a trip down memory lane, this is a great deal on a modern classic. Grab it from Steam for half off through Monday, October 7th!

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WEEKEND DEAL! Offer ends October 7th -50%!
About the Game
In Midgar, a city controlled by the mega-conglomerate Shinra Inc., the No. 1 Mako Reactor has been blown up by a rebel group, AVALANCHE.

AVALANCHE was secretly formed to wage a rebellion against Shinra Inc., an organisation which is absorbing Mako energy, destroying the natural resources of the planet. Cloud, a former member of Shinra’s elite combat force, SOLDIER, was involved with the bombing of the Mako Reactor.

Can Cloud and AVALANCHE protect the planet from the huge, formidable enemy, Shinra Inc.?

The RPG classic FINAL FANTASY VII returns to PC, now with brand new online features!

Achievements – Whether you’re a seasoned FINAL FANTASY VII veteran or exploring this RPG classic for the very first time, show off your in-game accomplishments and put your gaming skills to the test with 36 brand new achievements to unlock. Share your profile with friends online to find out who is the ultimate FINAL FANTASY fan.’
Cloud Saves – If you’re away from home or simply using a different computer to play, enjoy FINAL FANTASY VII wherever you are. With cloud save support in FINAL FANTASY VII you can continue your game progress right where you left off (Requires Internet Connection. Saves can only be transferred between a maximum of 3 computers at any one time).
Character Booster – Find yourself stuck on a difficult section or lacking the funds to buy that vital Phoenix Down? With the Character Booster you can increase your HP, MP and Gil levels to their maximum, all with the simple click of a button, leaving you to enjoy your adventure.
Optimized for PC – FINAL FANTASY VII has been updated to support the latest hardware and Windows Operating Systems.

To back up your save files, remember to turn on Cloud Saving in the Network Settings panel on the FINAL FANTASY VII launcher. Uninstalling the game will delete any save files stored locally on your PC.
System Requirements
OS:Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64bits)
Memory:1 GB RAM
Graphics:DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphic card
Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
Requires a Square Enix account.

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