Grab the iPhone 5c for $50 From Best Buy October 3rd to October 7th!

Beginning today, Best Buy is offering a sweet deal for the Apple’s recently released iPhone 5c. Between now and October 7th, Best Buy customers can grab the iPhone 5c for just $50!

iPhone 5c customers will receive a $50 gift card when purchasing the device and signing a new two-year contract, which brings the colorful iPhone from $99.99 to just $50. The $50 gift card is also available for the Samsung Galaxy S4, bringing the $199.99 price down to $150.

With the iPhone 5s selling at a more rapid clip than the iPhone 5c, this promotion is clearly intended to move more iPhone 5c units, as the iPhone 5s has been out of stock at numerous retailers.

[Via: ABC News]

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