[Infographic] The Rise of Samsung; From Food Exports to Smartwatches

Samsung makes some of the hottest Android devices out there today, and pumps out the smartphones, phablets and tablets at a dizzying speed. Some would argue that Samsung has become the Apple of Android smartphones, being one of the most recognized technology manufacturers in the U.S. Most recently, Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Note 3 and its companion, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The company manufacturers everything from washing machines to microprocessors, and a new infographic details the rise of the company from a humble food export company into the electronics behemoth we know today.

Today, Samsung owns over 30% of global smartphone sales, with the Americas and Asia bringing in the most sales. The company has 26 different subsidiaries and 80 different businesses, and accounts for 17 percent of Korea’s GDP.

Pretty crazy, right? Check out the infographic below for more facts about Samsung.

[Via: Best Choice Reviews]

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