Latest Ingress Report Brings More Speculation On Operation #13Magnus

While we covered the potential locations and dates of the upcoming Ingress event, #13Magnus, this week’s Ingress Report has now confirmed these as fact. The global event will indeed start on October 12th in Los Angeles, CA, San Jose, Ca, and Bangkok, Thailand.

The latest Ingress Report mentions little else about the event, but raises questions as to what exactly the name 13Magnus could mean. One suggestion claims that it could be surrounded by an ancient secret society, so put your geek helmet on and start on the speculation.

Those who have attempted to follow the elaborate Ingress storyline likely hung onto every post made at Unfortunately, it looks as though the website will no longer be updated, requiring more of the grunt work to be left onto the community.

Here’s a quick snippet of the last post made on the Niantic Project:

This Investigation Board contains the evidence of a conspiracy so vast it cannot be contained by this dimension.

We are under attack. We are at the brink of being shaped into a new species. We are wrapped in symbiotic harmony with another intelligence, somewhere, that enhances our minds when we visit The Portals.

Any or All of these statements may be true.

The post later suggests to start following the Niantic Project on Google+, which is where we’ll likely begin to see a majority of the Ingress storyline unfold.

If you’ve yet to get your geek on and try Ingress, download it here and request an invite!

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