Obvious How-To: Add A New Account With The Updated Gmail 4.6 App For Android

With the latest version of Gmail officially available to Android users, the updated app brings with it a card-like style for conversations, better selection options, and more. While the additions are subtle but welcomed, you may have missed a feature that Google pulled from the application: The option to add a new Gmail account.

In previous versions of the Gmail app, all one would need to do is go into the settings menu inside the application to add a new Gmail account. That option is now missing completely, and after a good five minutes of searching and second-guessing myself, I found that you can no longer add a new Gmail account within the app. Luckily, it’s easy enough to add a new account to Gmail, but you won’t find it in the application.

Even though it can seem terribly obvious in hindsight, here’s the only way you can add a new account in Gmail version 4.6.

  • Go into System Settings
  • Scroll down to Accounts and tap Add Account
  • Select Google

That’s it. From there, you’ll be given the regular setup to add a Gmail account.

While there are only so many times you’ll actually need to add a Gmail account to your device, the new method feels a bit like iOS : Keeping app settings in system settings. Requiring the user to leave an app to get into more settings for the specified app isn’t as intuitive to most Android users but works fine nonetheless.

As simple as it is, hopefully this how-to will save you from a few seconds of confusion when trying to add a new account on the latest version of Gmail for Android.

  • Nick V

    I’d rather add from the app. I have them all setup, but what happens when I get the Nexus 5 or the 10, this will be a PITA.

    • Get a backup software and make your phone rooted is one of the best things I can recommend. I am doing it each time I need to move to a new phone

  • Ace

    Sadly this doesn’t work if it’s a 2-step verification google app for business. Anyone have any ideas how to do this?!

  • Curt

    Blake, do you know if there is a way to add a Google account that doesn’t associate with a @gmail.com account? On the old gmail app, it allowed me to add my work email, which is a google account, but uses a my school’s .org address. Any ideas?

    • blakestimac

      I’m not positive about this. You may need to go to Gmail on the computer to complete this process. I’ve never had to do this personally, so sorry that I’m not much help.

    • João Daher

      I’d like to confirm that too.
      I have an old hotmail account wich I use as a Google Account (I can access any Google service using this email).
      I added this account to the GMail app, and it keeps showing “Syncing”…

    • Peter

      It’s actually the same process. Add Account – Google – Existing. You should then be presented with a Sign In: Type the full e-mail address and password. If you have two step security implemented then it will tell you that the process has to be completed in a browser. Simply follow the steps, type your password into the browser. It will then present a verification box which can be competed with the code from Google

  • JWSD

    Worked perfect, thanks!

  • Guest

    Very helpful!

  • seyekuyinu

    Oh thanks so much

  • kanedog337

    Thanks so much for this. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why the Gmail app had no add/remove account option.

  • Thank you!! This was very handy in adding my work account. When work was mixed with my personal account I was always available. Now I can turn that off since I work from home and check one or the other depending on if I’m “on the clock”. Thanks again!

  • ckldm

    This didnt work for me. no way to add an account

  • jmfos

    I had to to a full restore on htc one after loading 4.3 and struggled to figure out how to add a 2nd gmail account. Thanks!

    • User125

      I have an HTC One and was unable to find the GMAIL app in the settings menu nor do I see the Add Account option on the HTC One. Where is it? I dislike the Mail app that comes with the phone.

  • Vijay V

    Thanks dude! I checked Setting in gmail app so many times to find out where they have hidden this option to add new account. At last, googling helped. Thanks alot!

  • alf

    do you know what the maximum number of gmail accounts you can have is? I currently have three gmail accounts but I want to add a fourth one…. These are all work/school/personal email accounts so I do have all of them connected…

    • Christine

      I have 4 now. This should work for you!

  • raluca d

    Super, thank you for the info

  • Faiz

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  • Vignesh

    Exactly what I wanted and I guess what everybody else is looking for….. Thanks a ton man….

  • Maccos Cyrus

    I love love this man. Cheers I have been struggling for two weeks about the issue.

  • mhj22

    Thanks so much – I’ve been round and round in circles all morning!! You’ve saved my sanity

  • Jayesh

    Thanks a lot for a month i was searching

  • gibbs12

    THANK YOU! this was driving me a crazy that I couldn’t find it within the gmail-app

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  • Pooja

    thanks sooo much! i was wondering why my new fancy phone does not have functions that my old crappy phone had!!!

  • emilyesse

    THANK YOU! It’s been driving me crazy as I tried to figure out where the heck to do this, since My Verizon accounts app says to “use the Gmail app” to do it. Hah.

  • Christine

    Thank you!!!

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  • Steve

    I am using gmail for my companies address. GOOGLE Stinks when it comes to providing support on how to add my email account (utilizing the gmail backbone) to things like the iphone or android. These people are total idiots if they think I’m the only one having this problem…

  • Alan

    Thank you!

  • Ali

    Thank you for this! Just got a new tablet & this is the one thing I couldn’t figure out!

  • Laura

    thanks!!!!!!!!!!! this was better than google’s help on the subject. I kept looking for this feature inside the app, thought something was wrong with me, but no, it’ google….

  • Haley

    For two days I was searching know to manage accounts! This worked perfectly! Thank you so much for this tutorial! 😀

  • Deborah Payne

    Thanks! I searched and searched and was getting sufficiently annoyed and aggravated. 🙂

  • Shiro

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  • Mel

    Thank you so much for this! I thought I was losing the plot when it wouldn’t let me add a new email address on my new Tablet like it had on the old one.

  • ronald

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  • Mustachey

    D: what I do for the server? I don’t have that Google option all I have is add account and then email and pass then it asks for server password and I DON’T KNOW!! 🙁

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    I was having a hard time finding it

  • cboopetree

    Thank you! Got it…it just didn’t seem like an obvious option when I was searching through all the settings! I was going nuts there for a few minutes!

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