Target Announces Brightspot, Affordable Pre-Paid Mobile Plans

Target is launching a pre-paid mobile service dubbed Brightspot this Sunday, October 6th. Brightspot is Target’s stab at entering the pre-paid MVNO arena, and will allow customers to choose from a handful of Android smartphones, or bring their own unlocked GSM device to the network. Brightspot will operate over T-Mobile’s network, and will take advantage of their blazing fast 4G network.

The plans, which begin at $35 a month are affordable, and on par with T-Mobile’s pre-paid offerings. The $50 plan offers unlimited talk, text and data, with up to 1GB of 4G data included. For customers not interested in data, the $35 plan offers unlimited talk and text.

In addition to the affordable rate plans, Target is offering a $25 gift card for every six months of service. Target also is offering a 5 percent discount when customers pay with their REDcard, and even have a trade-in program running.

That’s all the info we have at the moment folks, we will know other plan pricing details and which devices will be available for Brightspot this Sunday when the service goes live.

If you’re looking for a decently priced pre-paid service operating on a reliable network, Target’s Brightspot may just be for you.

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