Best Of: iPhone 6 Concept Designs

We already knew that the iPhone 5s’ design wasn’t going to be dramatically different from its predecessor, given all ‘S’ iPhone have largely retained a similar design. That said, with the 5s out on the market, there’s been a wealth of iPhone 6 concepts making their rounds.

Much like our Best of Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Designs we wrote last week, we’re going to give the next iPhone the same treatment. We’ll keep it short and sweet for some Friday fun.

Check out a few of our favorite iPhone 6 concept designs below.


We’ve seen teardrop shaped iPhones before, and while we have our doubts that Apple would ever go this route, the concept above is pretty interesting. The design somewhat resembles Apple’s Magic Mouse, but we wouldn’t want to take our chances with it. [img]

This particular design isn’t much else than a larger display with micro bezels. Still, we definitely wouldn’t complain if we had this in our pockets.

Possibly the most strange of the bunch, this design rocks a foldable display that turns into an iPad. [img]


A trend that will never die until we actually see the real deal appear are edge-to-edge displays. This design by Johnny Plaid gives you just that, along with a ‘Retina 2’ display, and MagSafe charging port from Macbook Pros so you can go out and by new accessories, since your it won’t work with your iPhone 5s. Exciting! [img]

While it resembles the older iPad models, this is a concept design we can get behind. We’d love to see design like this, even if the hardcore fans would be complaining that the design is from an outdated iPad. C’est la vie. [img]

There are a ton of iPhone 6 concepts, but this was just brief look at some of the more interesting designs we’ve seen. Expect to see dozens more as the announcement of the iPhone 6 approaches next year, for better or worse.


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